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Dr. Kothmann's patients share their experience at Kothmann Chiropractic & Rehab

Dr. Kothmann has helped hundreds of patients with a variety of health problems.

Here some of them are sharing how their life quality has been improved through Dr. Kothmann's caring touch.

When I came to Dr. Kothmann's office I was in alot of lower back pain.
After just a few sessions the lower back pain was gone. After each visit I felt better and better.
I am pain free and looking forward to staying that way.
AR 1/4/11

The first day I came to see Dr. Kothmann I was in alot of pain after several treatments
I started and the adjustments have really helped me out.
SN 12/20/10

The day after my car accident I was extremely sore and felt alot of pain in my back and neck.
After going to the chiropractor and having them correct my back to how I was before the accident.
AB 12/20/10

When I started coming to Dr. Kothmann my neck was very stiff, my back was constantly achey and the headaches are barely there.
I am very pleased with the outcome that I have noticed. Also the staff there has been so friendly and helpful.
HS 12/6/10

I was diagnosed with arthritis of the lower back and referred the Dr. Kothmann by my family doctor.

W hen I first visited Kothmann Chiropractic my lower back hurt so much that just getting up from a sitting positon was painful. Any sudden movement/jolt (i.e. car driving over a bump or dip in the road) caused pain. I had to move slow and hunched, making me feel "old".

After several visits of adjustments, tractions, electrode stimulation and laser therapy I feel no pain in my lower back and stretching exercises done at home help me feel less "tight" in my lower and upper back. I can now tackle all the potholes in Lubbock with out dreading that shock.

The staff at Kothmann are very efficient they get you in at your appointed time and you seldom have to wait in the lobby (unlike a lot of doctors offices) The staff is very professional and polite.
JY 11/18/10