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Whiplash and Car Accident Injury Treatments

Neck pain treatment from whiplashCar accidents can cause all types of hidden injuries, including back and neck pain, extremity pain, headaches and whiplash. If you have been in a car accident recently, you should schedule an examination with our chiropractor. Many of the hidden injuries in car accidents do not show up for days or weeks after the incident, and delaying treatment can increase your recovery time. Our chiropractor in Lubbock can help diagnose the sources of your pain and recommend treatment.

Integrated Car Accident Treatments at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine

Here at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, we offer much more than just chiropractic treatment. We are a fully integrated physical medicine clinic designed to treat car accident injuries and other traumas. Our treatments lower your pain, heal your injuries and reduce your headaches and migraines. Our treatment program includes chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy and rehabilitation and much, much more. We include dozens of different treatment protocols and work with other health care providers both internally and externally to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine offers a computer based neck evaluation and rehabilitation system to treat chronic neck pain and whiplash associated disorders. This computer rehab system, multi-cervical until, addresses the cause of chronic neck pain by increasing the strength of affected muscles and restoring proper range of motion, achieving functional restoration to the injured neck musculature.

Pain relief associated with auto accident injuries is also addressed with medical providers for increased rehabilitation. Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine provides trigger point injections for muscle relaxation and pain relief, joint injections for decreased inflammation and great pain relief, myofascial release for fascial system/muscular rehabilitation and managed prescription medication if need be.

Chiropractic adjustments help realign the vertebrae so that they can function properly. This reduces pain and inflammation and starts the healing process.

Massage therapy is the perfect complement to chiropractic adjustments because it relaxes the muscles and ligaments and makes the adjustments more comfortable. It addition to helping with the adjustments, receiving regular massages helps reduce muscle soreness and pain. It promotes circulation throughout the body and helps alleviate stress.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are treatments that help rebuild the strength and flexibility in injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. These are very specific exercises that are to be performed both in the presence of our physical therapist and on your own at home. By offering in-office physical therapy and at home rehabilitation and therapy, we are decreasing your recovery time and improving your mobility between sessions.

Injuries and Types of Pain from Car Accidents

When most people think of car accidents, they think of lacerations, broken bones and internal and facial injuries that require surgery and stitches. The vast majority of car accidents are at relatively low speeds and do not produce any visible injuries. Instead, the injuries are in the form of back and neck pain, herniated discs and whiplash as well as strains and sprains from the impact and tensing the body.

Whiplash is by far the most common injury reported after a car accident, but it can also occur when an individual falls or during contact sports. It causes severe headaches, dizziness, upper back, shoulder and neck pain and loss of range of motion in the neck.

Herniated discs can happen when the spine is put under pressure or jarred, which can happen during a car accident. Muscle pulls and sprains and strains are also common during vehicle accidents and can cause moderate to severe back and neck pain.

These injuries typically do not get better with time. Instead, the pain, discomfort and headaches only increase in severity.

To schedule an appointment for an evaluation after your car accident, call our chiropractic office in Lubbock at 806-791-3399.